The Social Media Statement of Piercingstudio Wien

This article looks at the mission statements of Duotone Kiteboarding, Arduino and Apple Inc., and evaluates how each statement is reflected in their respective social media accounts. At the end of the article, I coin the social media statement for Piercingstudio Wien.


Mission Statement:

“Our mission is to enhance every individual’s experience of true kiteboarding. We develop high-quality kiteboarding products for a sport that we love.”

I am deeply passionate about kiteboarding and therefore I decided to start off with one of the best companies there is  – Duotone. I believe their mission statement is well represented in their social media accounts where they present their products, share content from different riders, and do a lot of educational videos and tutorials. They also have the Duotone Academy App, which is great for learning any trick in kiteboarding. The company places emphasis on a good mix of education, training and product presentation throughout their social medial presence.


Here we see a lot of posts about different riders, riding locations and quick “how to” tips. They use the platform great to get you excited about kiteboarding and position themselves as the go to resource if you have any questions.


Similar to Facebook, the company’s Instagram feed shows educational tutorial videos as well as riding excerpts. They also have product videos on in their highlights, showcasing the different kite models they have.


The company’s YouTube presence seems also very decent. They show a good mix of rider features, how to videos, how it’s made, and also introduce different riding locations from all over the world. The description of their Channer Intro video seems to be very well aligned with their overall mission statement.

“Welcome to a new era! Duotone Kiteboarding – Dedicated to the future, with honor to the past, setting the tone. Creating the latest trends in kiteboarding and providing the best products, we don’t wait for a breakthrough, we make it. You´ve probably noticed the new look, but also the same high quality products and ground breaking innovations you´ve come to trust. It´s not a come back, we never left: We reinvented this sport, and we´re doing it again. We don´t care about gimmicks or following trends, we care about creativity and setting trends. Innovation and progression are in our DNA. We create concepts and legends. Creating history with a future. We are True Kiteboarding. We are Duotone.”

Overall, the company seems to have a consistent social medial strategy aligned to their mission statement across different channels.


I am also passionate about technology and have been experimenting with Arduino boards recently. That’s why I decided to take a look at Arduino’s mission statement in order to see if it would be different for an open source company like Arduino, where monetary returns are not their primary objective.

Mission Statement:

“Arduino is the world’s leading open-source hardware and software ecosystem. The Company offers a range of software tools, hardware platforms and documentation enabling almost anybody to be creative with technology.”


You can immediately feel the community character of the company’s YouTube channel. The videos are divided into different playlists for educational, product feature and technology solutions presentation purposes. The channel seems like the perfect go to place for someone who wants to explore the possibilities that the Arduino eco system hast to offer and learn more about it.


The company’s Instagram feed is a bit different. There they present different projects with a short description of what the project does. They use Instagram as kind of a showcase of hey, look how much different cool stuff you can build with our products. So here, it is more about presenting the capabilities of the system and sparking interest in the products and the community.


With over 988K followers, this is by far Arduino’s strongest social media account. In the feed, there are many different projects, how tos, challenges and tutorials. It’s really engaging and shows you how much cool stuff can be built on the Arduino system.

Overall, the company’s social media presence is in alignment with their mission statement to create, inspire and support a community of makes, with slight differentiation across the different social media platforms.

Last, but not least – Apple INC.

I was trying to decide on the third company by looking at stuff in my house, when I saw my iPhone, so here’s the mission statement of Apple:

“To bringing the best user experience to its customers through its innovative hardware, software, and services, “ and in a manifesto dated 2009 Tim Cook set the vision specified as ,

“We believe that we are on the face of the earth to make great products and that’s not changing.”

However, surprisingly enough, the company has a slim to none social media presence. They do have a Facebook page, where they occasionally upload cover photos of new products, but that’s it.

Even though the page has over 12Million likes, there is nothing really there. By the looks of it, the Instagram Profile does not even belong to Apple, even though there are currently over 23Million followers.


Their YouTube channel shows sporadic product presentation clips and some other stuff, but that’s it. Their Twitter profile does not seem to have one single tweet:

I find this really surprising, but also interesting at the same time. It is to show us the true purpose of social media, which has been a bit diluted in the past years. Apple’s social media presence, or the lack of it, shows us that if you are Apple you can actually afford to neglect your social media presence and get away with it.

This shows us social media’s supporting function in helping us communicate our brand values, build and interact with our community and  humanize our brand. What social media however cannot do is to substitute the core business. Many businesses try to have the perfect Facebook, the perfect Instagram, the perfect Twitter, but fail to take care of the actual business because they feel that looking great on social media is more important than delivering a product or service that is truly great. So instead of over focusing on social media, people should focus on their core business and use social media channels as peripheral tools to build a community around it.

The Social Media Mission Statement of Piercingstudio Wien

Our (Social Media) Mission Statement is: To provide information, education, preparation, help and support on the topic of piercings to everyone who needs it, and not just to our customers.

When I started working at the company in 2017, I had no idea that the piercing market and the piercing community are so huge. And like any business, the piercing business has some really good companies competing on the market, and others, which are not that great.

Our mission, especially on social media, is from the very beginning to help people looking to get a piercing done with useful information on how to pick the right studio and other things they should consider. By doing the piercing videos we also want to show people how a piercing is done, what the procedure is so they know what to expect when they walk into the studio. That is also the main purpose of our YouTube channel – showing people the right way a piercing is done, no matter where they are.

I believe that our mission statement is well reflected in our social media accounts, with YouTube being the strongest one. This is where we post the daily videos showing piercings being done. However, we also answer many basic questions in the comments.

Instagram is our direct messaging tool for people wanting to ask specific questions and to also send Marc photos of their piercings to look at. As our clientele is rather young, this is not surprising. We also get a lot of questions over Facebook and do our best to answer them all.

We also use social media to get feedback from our community, like we did at the beginning of the Corona lockdown, where many people were worried that piercing studios are closed so they cannot go to have their piercing problem looked at. We immediately started Marc’s Piercing Soforthilfe (Instanthelp), where we provided free consultations and advice over Skype to anyone who signed up.

Overall, we take piercing very seriously and are here to be of service to the whole piercing community and not just to our paying customers.